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“Do the right thing!” NOW

March 17, 2009


March 14, 2009  


Have you seen me? Please tell somebody. Please.

Have you seen me? Please tell somebody. Please.









   I commend Law Enforcement in this case. Their determination not to compromise their investigation by not allowing to much information released to media which seems to distort the truth and keeping focused on the task at hand will enable them to solving this investigation. We all must be patient. But I feel that we as the concerned public have been distracted from the facts that need to be focused on. This investigation began and then continued into days with no person of interest mentioned by police and nothing came out of the “possible” evidence found in searches conducted in the home and surrounding neighborhood and woods.

  From what I have learned about the statistics in abductions and about an abductors profile it has allowed me to understand a little about this type of crime and the possible motives and suspects. These sad cases of missing children have been well researched in the attempt to learn from what Law Enforcement unfortunately have had to learn.  The forensic science of the investigation has become a art with many missing and abducted cases solved in a short time.

It became clear to me at this point that this was not a random crime nor was it committed by a stranger. The truth is most abductions are family abductions.

   My opinion is Law Enforcement would defiantly remain tip lipped if they believed that Haleigh is still alive and or they believe a family member is involved. We all would like to believe that a non family member had a hand in this but the evidence just doesn’t support that theory. It is a family member! Who in this family would have a motive? This is my heart felt opinion and hope I am right only because it would mean Haleigh is some where right now  will be coming home soon to her DADDY!


  This is a nasty little case that has infected this little community and effected many near and as far as Texas with its web of deceit of smoke and mirrors. It just didn’t seem right to not have evidence of a crime and no child found after days of extensive searches… so I got on my trusty computer and a whole new show progressed with out a news camera and oh the Jerry Springer audience has been in the front row of cyberspace trashing and mud slinging obstruction instead of focusing at the task at hand and find a little girl. I have been an avid reader of many different forums that focus on crimes such as this and have been disappointed in the argumentative posts of members as to the history and economic status of all the players in this case and I feel this on all fronts has defiantly effected the purpose of the well intended to contribute in this search for this little one that is not where she is supposed to be at this very moment . I feel the talents of many are needed to bring to light the truth of this case and hope that others feel this way also.

   My point is the information is and has been their to solve this case and those that have are the ones that have seen it walk like a duck from the beginning. “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck!“ I hope not to hurt this investigation by voicing my opinion from Texas . I do believe they are so close but I really feel their needs to be a voice to direct some focus on some facts so that 1 thing will come to light. It is a matter of 1 tip to balance the scale of justice here, and that is the location of Haleigh. I pray that Law Enforcement knows the who already and they just don’t have where she is being safely hidden. Their is a possibility more than one family member is involved here and the safety of this child is the most important thing to LE, so there will be no announcement of their suspicion until they have that 1 piece of the puzzle that is keeping this case from being solved.



02/10/09 911 call 3:27 am

02/10/09 police report

1.) No forced entry.

2.) Back door open and screen door propped with cinder block.

3.) Light on in kitchen.

4.) Foot print on wooden path going towards pond.

5.) The lean to, stick chair, shovel and rope found in woods close by.

5.) Haleigh’s night shirt was later found in laundry pile after Misty is asked to find

Haleigh’s clothes she wore that day to school.

6.) Something was discovered missing of Haleigh’s after trailer is released to family.


   The fact that there is no forced entry rules out stranger automatically to me. We have not heard mention the front door being locked nor the front door to the screen porch but can assume that defiantly would have been mentioned and picked apart by now. So it still leads me to believe someone close.  The propping of the screen door was planned and it tells me they had intentions to get in and out but also they where planning on getting back in and out with Jr.   W e know that Misty was in the big bed with Jr. and I am assuming she was on the outside and Jr. was on the inside near the wall and that is why they were not able to take Jr.  The light on in the kitchen was easy Haleigh is scared of the dark not who has woke her and removed her from her bed. Foot print of child was found directly on scent trail from back door so I believe it is a vital clue that connects to the crime. It tells me that it is someone who cares about Haleigh and Haleigh is not scared enough to run nor scream because she must be awake and conscious to stand. The Hanna Montana shirt that Haleigh wore to bed was said to be found at the bottom of the dirty clothes pile on the floor in front of back door and washer machine which are located in the same area. We know it was very cool that night I believe 40 something and Haleigh’s shirt was removed probably to leave behind any type of evidence that later can be identified so I am assuming she was dressed in something warmer and they forgot the shoes which is so normal for us southerners. That something missing is anyone’s guess at this time but it defiantly would reinforce someone who cares has Haleigh and is taking good care of her for the moment. The lean-to, chair, shovel & rope I believe was staged.


  LE removed the back door of the mobile home. It has been questioned as to why take it now and not before. It is possible they left the door to collect more evidence (fingerprints) off those that were allowed in the home (family member’s) after its release to the family. It is possible they have prints on certain found items during the search but where not found in the home before or partial prints where found in the mobile home and they needed “good“ prints. Possible on light switch, wall, doors, cinder block, ramp, lean to, chair, rope, shovel……


It has been stated by many and Crystal her self she was notified at 3:40am by Teresa, Ron’s mother that Haleigh was missing. It was reported she did not call her father till 5am and that Crystal did not show till mid morning.

Crystal and her family have been slinging mud instead of being productive and positive in appreciation of all those that are there for that purpose, the search for Haleigh. Crystal put Jr. on TV with no fear of him being in danger for being able to identify abductor.


To catch a mouse , you have to lay the bait and set the trap.”

DOGS AND THE DUMPSTER My personal opinion is the use of the dogs, dumpster and the media was to observe the reactions of family members. Crystal was interviewed and her response was odd, she said she had no knowledge of the search with Dogs in progress yards away nor that they had hit on a dumpster and that it could possible be linked to this abduction. She was not concerned and only asked over her shoulder to others in her camp “Where are the dumpsters?”……ODD!!!!! No mother would act so indifferent with that information if she didn’t know where Haleigh was.

My personal opinion is this move is to further irritate or anger Crystal to make a move. I found it odd Crystal had make-up on at presser and 29 previous days of plain Jane doesn’t make any sense unless the bait was taken and she is making her move. She must still have feelings for Ron because that is a move that indicates to me she wants him to notice her. This development is definitely a sign they would of been hoping to see and are paying close attention to along with all persons in her camp. I personally find no fault in Misty’s age or stated experience to be able to keep kids. I do have some concern for the timing of live in babysitter to girlfriend only because of her age. I feel if he truly has feelings for misty he would of respected her (no sex) and waited for her to turn 18 and in the mean while encouraged her to return to school or get her GED. But who is to say that was not the truth of the matter before hand and all these events are what prompted the sudden marriage, but I do believe their is more to this sudden event than we know. I am sure they know that this marriage will not protect either in a court of law in regards to Haleigh’s abduction , but are asking all to focus now on Haleigh and not focus on a now legal relationship.
   It was obvious to me the press conference had a hidden agenda not just the announcement of an additional $8,000 plus dollars being added to the reward for the arrest and conviction of the persons involved. The total amount to be rewarded is now over $30,700 and $5,000 for the safe return of Haleigh. I believe that all  agency ‘s  involved where not there for a pat on the back  but an opportunity to see and hear Ron and Crystal speak and plead for the return of Haleigh. I watched everyone of those VIPs (Justice Coalition. FBI, FDLE and Florida’s State Attorney plus Putnam County Sheriff and investigators ) from behind that podium keep watch of all family for reactions to the various statements that were given prior to Crystal getting up to plea for Haleigh’s return. It seemed to me that Ronald seems very close to investigators in comparison to Crystal, him standing behind and with all those VIPs said a lot!!!
Crystals pleas for Haleigh reinforce my suspicion that Crystal still has feelings for Ronald because she uses the term “Daddy and Mommy” to include Ronald is referring them as to together
It surely was not for the benefit of the public eye it was planned and staged to observe the squirm of those involved that were present and to send a loud and clear unsaid statement.



Who has lawyer first? Why?

Who has retained a spokes person to speak with media? Why?

I agree she is in need of both but why now? I feel she and her mother are aware that they are under the microscope and they are protecting themselves from the storm to come.




Who took Haleigh?…..
My personal opinion is Crystal D. Sheffield and her mother Marie Griffis knows who took Haleigh and who is now hiding her .

My personal opinion is the way Ronald went about getting the kids in his custody in the beginning is probably the main reason why Crystal went about it this way, to get even. I feel it was her intention to take Jr. also but was unable to take the risk and remove him from the bed where he was sleeping with Misty. Crystal has some physiological things going on in connection with this new family and the one she and Ronald started. Possibly some postpartum depression that has brought certain surprised feelings to the surface in regards to her non custody of her two children with Ronald. I believe that the children expressing their love for Misty; Ronald’s “new” girlfriend, is and was the last straw on Crystals back. .It is a fact that Crystal is behind in child support and is possible financially strained with their one income household, new baby and both having support payments due for children outside their home. To obtain custody would solve the support due and lessen their financial responsibility outside the home, but how do you do that with no money and no one who has been on your side? You prove the parent is unfit and call in back up. I believe this is where the story begins.
  Please note that this is my opinion.